Wednesday, December 24, 2014


You made it!  And we've made it! Thanks for stopping by.  We are excited to launch our new website for House of Hope Minnesota today, and we're glad you're here checking out what we've got going on.

Bear with us over the next few weeks as we continue to update our website and this blog to better reach you all out there.  We'd love feedback on what we've done so far, what other information you'd like to see, and how we can continue to reach others. 

We hope our new website, and this blog, will be a resource for many people in many different capacities.  Some may be looking for ways to help the ministry.  Some may be looking for ways to get involved.  Some may be looking for help for themselves or someone they love. 

Everyone, we hope, will find love, grace, faith, and Jesus.  He is the center to our lives, our healing, and our program.  We are thankful to be chosen to be part of His ministry.  We pray we represent Him as He would have us.

Stay tuned for more!  God bless!
--miss melissa

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